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Fear of the unknown is one

Of the reasons we are reluctant

To do things out of our comfort zone

But once we decided to take risk

And have succeeded

The benefits are endless

Then we will never look back

However for those who have failed

At least we can learn from our mistakes

Thus inspiring us to do better next time around

In today’s environment, we are witnessing terrorism attacks in public places, concerts, the random unreasonable shootings in public places, schools, our fear of the unknown is at the highest level. Its so sad if we succumb to this. We will become prisoners of ourselves and the fear will deter us from enjoying our lives.

Fear of the unknown is akin to the fear of doing things out of our comfort zone. The fear of failure is always in our mind. Successful people take risk, but with calculated risk. They do have alternative plan if things did not work out. They managed to assess and learn from their mistakes that gave them motivation to do it all over again till they succeeded.

Lack of knowledge is also a contributing factor for our fear of the unknown and most often the fear is unsubstantiated hence preventing them to experiment, take risk and progress will never be achieved.

Childhood tragedy, traumatic experiences and unhappy childhood are also amongst the reasons for our fear of the unknown. They would prefer to be on the safe side, scared of changes, and prefer a stable and constant surroundings.

Fear of the unknown will deter us to tap our outmost potential. We won’t be able to explore our hidden talents. We should always remember that life itself is a gamble and venturing into different avenues in life are at times worth fulfilling and satisfying and definitely one of the recipes for success.

Indeed, there are ways to overcome your fear. First and foremost is to analyse and comprehend your fear. Do research and gather facts. The worst thing is doing nothing and not knowing if it is worth a try, thus missing opportunities and the failure of the realisation of your dreams to come true. Another one is by doing it slowly facing your fear one step at a time till you conquer your fear. You can also read inspiring books, talk to people, ask for the support of your families and friends.

Year 1977 when we decided to migrate to Australia. We had our doubts. Both of us had a good paying job, financially stable, but we chose to migrate. Going to a country with no families and friends and with young children was a gamble. We had overcome our fear and we never looked back. The best decision we had.

Regardless of how old you are, you can still face your fear. Learn new things, be adventurous after all, life is too short to be doing nothing!

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