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Most of us are fascinated with super heroes. Children always have their favourite super hero but their real living super heroes through their eyes are their Dads.

The sons perceive their father as an idol, wishing to be like him when they grow up. The daughters when they were young view their fathers as their knights in shining armours ready to help and protect them from everything.

Not all fathers are worthy being good fathers, but generally fathers always love, care and are the ultimate protectors of the families, hence they are the strength of a family institution.

Dads are always fun to be with. They play soccer, football and other sports with their children. A father will be there for his family, he is expected to be responsible and carry the weight on all the problems of the family and of course with the help of his wife.

The interactions of the children with fathers during early childhood will develop the children personalities in their adulthood. His involvement within the family is critical and important to a successful family ties and family bonding.

Nowadays, more and more of mothers are in the workforce, thus the role of a fathers in the 21st century are demanding as ever. Dads taking huge responsibilities in household works, looking after the children and at times they can do it even better than their wives.

Fathers are expected to be the disciplinarians, but with kindness and softness in their hearts. Quite difficult to be achieved , however as always they can managed it efficiently and effectively.

All children when they were young enjoyed to be sitting on their father’s shoulder. They felt tall and loved to see everything around them. This is what fathers do.

Father’s love is unconditional. They will always be there for their children, but they do not condone wrong behaviour and attitude. They are firm in their decisions, yet always open to suggestions and ideas. They are willing to accept mistakes, these are the qualities of an ideal and a good father to her children

Father of a Bride, a movie made in 1991, typifies how a father can be overprotective to his daughter. The movie also exemplified how a father feels when his daughter decided to get married and start her own family. A comedy movie but I am sure fathers can relate to this.

So let us acknowledge the real living heroes…………….To all the Fathers around the world…………… Happy Fathers Day To You

An excerpt from my 2nd book My Passion, My Calling

Through the eyes of the children

Their parents are their role models and heroes

Therefore it is the responsibility

Of every parent to set high standard

To be able to produce

Future responsible adults

……………..Lorna Ramirez

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