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There is something in the spring season that makes us sprightly and happy. Is it because of the anticipation of warmer days ahead, after the dreary cold winter? For me this is the reason why Spring is my favourite season of the year.

Spring symbolises new hope, new beginning, and new life. For an avid gardener who had done a lot of work fertilising, pruning, re-planting during Winter, this is the time for them to see the fruit of their labour. A bountiful leaves and flowers for the plants, the abundant product of the fruit bearing trees.

Through the window glass in my room I can see at my backyard, my Cherry, Plum, Apple, Peach, and Apricot trees, all showcasing their beautiful blossoms of white, pink, red colours. These blossoms will be turning into fruits at summertime for us to enjoy thus giving nourishment to our bodies.

The season of the year can be compared to our cycles of life. A new born baby resembles spring, symbolises new life, new hope, and will eventually reach its potential at its maturity. Same as the summer season where all plants, shrubs and roses will be at their peak of blooms displaying dazzling array of colours and flowers in all shapes and sizes.

Towards the Autumn season, leaves, flowers beginning to fall, ready for hibernation. For us this is the time for reassessing and reflecting things we had done. By the time Winter comes, some plants and trees will be dormant and for us we will be reaching the end of our journey. Then the whole cycle will start all over again.

Sometimes unexpected event or trauma will happen at any one stage of our lives. A friend of mine lost everything, the house, material possessions, irreplaceable memorabilia in a fire. Synonymous to Winter that is depressing, they managed to pull through. Their strong belief in “GOD” and the help of all their friends and religious congregation, alleviated their sorrows. They stay positive and instead count their blessings that no one lost their lives.

I am now in my twilight years, the Autumn season, slowly reaching the end of the journey. Looking back I am proud of what I had achieved; wonderful, law abiding successful children, well-mannered grandchildren, I am still interacting, connecting and sharing my thoughts and ideas through my writings to all people from all walks of life. If lucky hopefully I will have many more years of Winter seasons to ENJOY…….. GOD Willing

My Unpublished Poem

Season Of Life

In every stage of life we had

In every Journey of life we tread

In every hardship and Pain

There will always be an end

Just like the winter cold and woeful

Spring will always follow alive and blissful

Forgetting the dark miserable wintery nights

And moving on to a bright new life

For a fresh new beginning, and new way of life

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